November 06, 2006


1. I recently called someone on their cell phone who had that music service. You know, where instead of hearing the phone ring, you hear their favorite song playing? Am I the only person in America who thinks that’s creepy? It’s like being stuck on hold before anyone ever picks up the phone. I have recently set my cell phone to “ring” when someone calls. With all the dumb mp3 tones that exist, my phone now stands out in a crowd.

2. Am I the only person in America that a) doesn’t understand what the hell “Borat” is about, and b) doesn’t think it looks even a little funny? I mean, I know that it’s a character and all, but I simply just don’t get the context of the movie.

3. And I’m sure I mused on this point somewhere in the past, but I finally watched “Napoleon Dynamite” again. Everyone swears it’s SOOO much funnier the second time. I may have snickered more the second time, but honestly? I still don’t get the hype behind it.

4. Is it possible to break a rib or strain a muscle simply from coughing? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I did one or the other. My back is JACKED UP! And since I’m still not 100%, I really haven’t done anything to jack it up. This weekend I took lil’ beastie to the vet, watched Hubby rake leaves, tried to help Hubby. I swept the deck, and shop-vac’d the acorns up. I was ready to die after that. So I did laundry and made chili.

5. I found a lovely chili recipe and am currently adjusting it to my specifications. I’ve almost got it nailed. I’ll share if anyone’s interested. Today, I’m making a roast in the crock post according to a recipe I made up, which I’ll also share if anyone’s interested….Anyone interested in exchanging recipes? Seriously? Drop me a comment. I am a recipe addict.

6. The vet says lil’ beastie has to go on a diet in order to lose – are you ready for this? – two pounds. Two. He weighs 51.3 and the vet says he shouldn’t weigh any more than 50. He is going to be 1 at the end of the month, and I still think he will get a little bigger (not much, but a little), but we’ll see. Truthfully, I don’t think he’s heavy. I can feel his ribs perfectly. He’s been in heaven with me being sick, since all I want to do is lay on the couch. He does NOT like the coughing, though. He picks his little head up, grumbles and glares at me for being so disruptive.

7. I was thinking about this the other day, because I think about weird things – we need an “I’m sorry” gesture when we’re driving. I guess what brought this to mind was the fact that I accidentally cut a car off. Truthfully, it wasn’t totally my fault. It was a pretty overcast drizzly/foggy morning, and the car I cut off was grey and had no headlights on. I honestly did not even see him – and I LOOKED! But I still wanted to say “sorry,” and we’ve got nothing. I can tell someone “thank you” for giving me a break in traffic. I can tell someone they’re #1 when they’ve completely pissed me off. But I can’t say sorry. We need to fix that. Think about it – how many instances of road rage could be averted if the other driver could simply apologize?

8. I’m looking for a site where I can download music. I’ve looked at iTunes, because you can KEEP the song. I’ve looked at Yahoo Music, and I think it’s stupid. I can pay to download the songs, but then I can’t put them on my mp3 player, or burn them to a cd. What’s the point of that? Truthfully, I don’t mind paying to download the music. I’d prefer an “all-you-can-eat” approach – I’m willing to pay a flat fee for all I can download, especially if they’re good quality audio. I’m wary of a lot of the “freeware” programs out there – even with virus protection, I found that with Kazaa I got slammed with spyware. Hubby (back when we were dating) had similar issues with Kazaa and Limewire. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

9. Okay. That’s it. Happy Monday.


themarina said...

1. I have personalized ringtones and the one for Dan (who calls me the most) is a clip from "The Family Guy" opening music. I crack up every time I hear it!

2. Borat isn't for everyone but OMG, I think he's freakin' brilliant. I avoided the theatres this weekend because it was INSANE but I'll get to it this week!

3. Napoleon Dynamite was kind of funny the first time but I'm not sure I'd like to see it again.

5. My crockpot is churning away at home! I mixed up the chili last night and set it this morning. I can ALMOST TASTE that goodness!

8. iTunes is great if you have an iPod but otherwise worthless. I'll send you a link with what I use!

Amy said...

1) I cook w/ my microwave, esp now that I'm essentially single. Anything more seems like a waste.
2) I LOVE Napoleon Dynamite! But, my brother and I have strange senses of humor. Which is why we both loved Napoleon.
3) Yeah, i think we do need an "I'm sorry" thingie--I usually make a sorry face at the person I've almost rammed into. "Ooops--should i leave them a note?"
4) No clue on the music thing. Yahoo won't let you take it off your computer? what's the point?

Lindy said...

Hmm. I use limewire, but then.. I'm on a virus-free mac and use mozilla firefox (which happens to have an amazing ad black feature). I'm not sure one is much better than the other. They all pretty much present security risks.

No clue about Borat, though Devon doesn't seem to find him very funny either. Neither of us were all that jazzed about Napolean Dynamite either. It produced some chuckles, but it didn't strike either of us as a movie to be crowed about as some think it should be.. *shrug*

As for saying sorry when you mess up on the road.. I think your expression, apologetic hand signal and mouthing the word 'sorry' all together does a pretty decent job. The only problem is that it only works if the person cut off manages to swerve around you and pass you.. and by then, you usually have jerk number one on your hands. Of course, once they see that you feel badly for having cut them off, they feel like a gigantic a$$ for having reacted the way they did. *snicker* But I'm afraid the reason there is no widely known gesture for 'sorry' is because people generally don't say it or mean it out there. You are a rare one for doing so. Road rage is all about loss of perceived control and rights, etc. It's all about right and wrong out there, instead of about being safe. Sad, but true. -sigh-

writer said...

i always try to look really contrite when i do something unintentionally on the road. this seems to work better when the other driver is a male...go figure.

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