October 30, 2006

Responsible Citizenship 101:

Recently, the agency for which I work hosted a seminar on how to become a responsible citizen. Geared toward teenagers, the program iteself is phenomenal, and promotes service learning as one of the easiest ways of getting involved.

At the end, written surveys were collected to see what the youth got out of their time. One boy in particular learned two very distinct lessons:

"Don't have sex without a condom. They's only $0.99"


"Don't eat at McDonalds. It's bad for you.


themarina said...

Smart Kid. I haven't heard anything this bright come from a teen's mouth in weeks!

Amy said...

Yeah, poor grammar aside, the kid's got it right! Way to go. :-)

Wiccachicky said...

These are both very important things to learn. Get em while they're young!! ;)

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