November 15, 2006


1. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week. Already. This year FLEW by. Flew. Now, I’m scared because that means I need to focus on Christmas shopping in a big big way.

2. It also means I have to put the tree up. I have no clue on earth how this is going to go with lil’ beastie. I have a feeling it’s going to be the tree, some garland and my icicle ornaments. No, not tinsel. I know some people call those icicles. These are actually silver metal, varying lengths and thicknesses, that are twisted into a spiral. They’re quite pretty. *sighs* So much for using the antique ornaments I was given by my MIL last year. Since I’m ridiculously sentimental, I have ornaments from my first Christmas, etc. When my MIL found out, she gave me a box of ornaments that were hers, her mom’s, my FIL’s mom’s, and three that belonged to my FIL’s Grandmother. I almost cried. I was so excited to put them on the tree this year. Not a shot with lil’ beastie.

3. Lil’ beastie does have a stocking, though. It looks like a paw. I found it this summer in a clearance bin for something like 75 cents. My mom is embroidering his name on it. He also has a birthday coming up. Next Saturday, he will turn 1. I’m not having a party for him, but I AM taking him to PetSmart for some toys & treats.

4. I found out what the name of that overly catchy song that’s been driving me nuts is (the one in the “Bones: ad?). It’s by the Teddybears, and it’s called “Cobrastyle.” So to all you people who keep Googling it, there’s your answer. You’re welcome.

5. Speaking of Google, I’ve been collecting search strings. I’ve got about enough to post on them again, like I did in a former blog life. However, since I don’t want to refer to it by its old name. I’m open to suggestions for the new, improved search string commentary title.

6. My order from e.l.f. finally arrived last week. They’ve apparently increased their capacity to avoid the backup like before (it was a big wait when I placed my order initially.) I will say that the eyeshadows I ordered are lovely colors and wear very nicely. The lipglosses – love ‘em. And…it’s all a buck!! A BUCK! Seriously, how can you go wrong?

7. How do you feel about OJ’s new book? “If I Did it…here’s how I would have done it.” Seriously, I think it is the most arrogant thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Here’s a guy who hasn’t paid a dime to the families of the victims, who ALL OF AMERICA knows is guilty, and has staunchly denied any involvement for years. Now, all of a sudden he’s going to write a tell-all saying “Well, you know, I’m innocent. And if I WOULD have done it (which I didn’t), I would have killed them THIS way…” That’s just frickin’ great. Maintain your innocence, and critique the “killer” on his job. What an ass.

8. Guess that’s it for today’s randomness. Happy Wednesday!


themarina said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about the OJ book but I did hear that Ford is talking about re-releasing the Bronco. Maybe they could have him as a spokesperson "If I had this car, I'd have gotten away". Loser

Happy Birthday to Little Beastie!!!!

writer said...

i had a bd party for my kitty one year, which i guess makes me a crazier pet owner than you. dang it!

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