November 27, 2006


1. Aaahhhh, Thanksgiving. I ate so much I literally thought I might explode. I was in PAIN after stuffing my face like a glutton. Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I’ll be around to visit soon – I promise.

2. My dinner project went just swimmingly, if not being a little overwhelming. 80 teenagers is a lot! But it went smoothly (I guess), everyone worked, no one argued, and the meals got delivered, which is all that matters. I had 2 TV stations there to cover, one of which interviewed me – neither station aired the piece. The local paper, however, was there with a reporter AND a photographer. We had a picture on the front page, as well as a 2-page article with more pictures on the front page of the “local” section. And the write up was REALLY nice. I was excited.

3. I wanted desperately to get my tree up this weekend. It didn’t happen. I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend on Friday. Saturday I had a nail appointment, went shopping for new tree garland, and it was Lil’ Beastie’s first birthday! So naturally, he had to go on a shopping spree in PetSmart. He got two new toys and a chewy treat – which he promptly demolished.

4. It was also my SIL’s birthday on Saturday. So we all got together, rounded up a couple friends and went out to dinner, and then headed to a local bar to watch the USC-ND game. It pained me (as a Buckeye fan) to cheer for USC. But I don’t want to see an OSU-M rematch.

5. Sunday should have been tree day. But alas, we didn’t finish our fall chores, so we took advantage of the HIGHLY unseasonable mid-60’s-and-sunny (this time last year, there was INCHES of snow on the ground!) weather and finished raking leaves in the backyard. We raked over 50 bags of leaves for the backyard alone. We haven’t done the front yet (the second time), and Hubby has to clean the gutters out. I love our pin oaks. They’re gorgeous old trees – we have two, and they’re probably 120 ft. tall. They’re just monstrous! But they lose their leaves late, they lose a ton of leaves, and there’s about 62,000,000 acorns to contend with.

6. And if you’ve never been pelted by acorns while you’re doing yardwork, you’re not missing much. I am not made for yardwork. I’m too prissy, number one, and number 2, I’m WAY too allergic. But I spent three and a half hours outside with my work gloves, raking and bagging and sweeping the deck. Sneezing the whole time.

7. While we were outside, we left Lil’ Beastie in the kitchen. This day shall forever be known as The Day That Everything Was Eaten. In the three hours we were outside, he hopped up on the table, pulled down some mail, shredded four pages of the cell phone bill – ALL OVER THE KITCHEN (part of the envelope with the glue got stuck in his jowls, so after I was done cleaning up a mountain of paper, I got to unstick envelope bits from his mouth). In addition, he got a hold of a coaster and chewed that, mangled one of my placemats and CHEWED THE CORNER OF MY KITCHEN CHAIR. I could have absolutely killed him. He’s never done anything like that before. And if I’m lucky, he won’t do it again. (On an upside, he got ahold of another remote, but didn't crunch this one to bits. And we've been okay with curtains thus far...I've only had to replace 4 panels. I have 2 on backup.)

8. Anyway, after I got done cleaning up this debacle and administering appropriate punishment, we finished up in the yard. I cooked dinner, scrubbed the kitchen floor, scrubbed out my fridge, did three loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, stripped the bed and shredded junk mail. Hubby helped with laundry vacuuming and dusting. I also put out SOME decorations, but no tree. Bummer.

9. I’m off to go do some work now. I have a lot to catch up on today. Happy Monday, all!


Wiccachicky said...

I will use this story to reiterate why I do not want a dog when partner asks for one...


sylvia said...

@wiccachicky: I love Lil' Beastie. He's my "fur kid" and I spoil him to no end. I will be the first to tell you that I can't imagine what we did before we got him - he is THAT much fun to be around. And he's so flippin' cute I can't even stand myself. I actually suggested getting ANOTHER pup to keep him company, that's how crazy about my dog I am.

But seriously, there are days where I could just kill him. The Day That Everything Was Eaten was definitely one of them. :)

Amy said...

Wow--you are one DAMN PRODUCTIVE woman. Holy crapola. If I could be even HALF as productive as you some weekend...whoa.
Your Beastie story is why my family believes pets belong outside. But, ma & pa also live on a farm place w/ a barn, so they go inside to sleep when it's cold. There's lots of hay. It smells like animals & everything.
And congrats on the paper coverage! :-)

writer said...

you should send me the link to the local story!

FinalyFree said...

Dayum just reading #8 wore me out, heh. All I did was cook for two days straight and I nearly keeled over. I'm wondering are there Beastie pics anywhere?

Woman On The Run said...

Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. Beastie is hilarious. I can't believe it's been a year already. How does time fly!

themarina said...

I wish I had managed that much house stuff. I did soooo little on Sunday it was disgusting. Seriously. Sad. I did manage to do laundry and clean up a bit on Saturday which made Sunday's lazyness less pathetic but still.

Lindy said...

Yeesh. I'm with ShanGran on the wearing out business. Ridiculously productive! What are you thinking?!?! Do you realize we have to compete with this kind of example you're setting? *wanders off grumbling* ;D

FinalyFree said...
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