November 17, 2006


1. Tomorrow marks a high holy holiday at my house. You all know what it is, right? The third Saturday in November? Umm…hello?! It’s the OHIO STATE-MICHIGAN GAME!!!! And I expect every one of you to don your scarlet and grey tomorrow and to be singing “Hang On Sloopy” at the top of your lungs (don’t forget the O-H-I-O!!). And if the unspeakable should happen (and you know what I am referring to. I can’t even type it out!), think of me. Because it will NOT be a happy day at Syl’s house.

2. I’ve got my lucky sweatshirt ready to go. Lil’ beastie has his collar at the ready. We’re good.

3. Seriously, as much as I hate Michigan and all things Michigan, my sympathies to the Schembechler family.That just sucks.

4. Tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of becoming a homeowner and moving into our house. Seriously. That year flew by. So much has happened since then!

5. Did y’all have PS3 mania where you live? We had people camped outside local best buys since TUESDAY here. Which is, in and of itself just weird. But it’s also been no warmer than 50 and raining pretty much all week. And when the news interviewed them, most of them said they were just going to sell it on eBay. Why? Just why?

6. My Thanksgiving project has taken on a life of its own. Next Wednesday. I have 76 teenagers showing up to make 200 Thanksgiving dinners and deliver them, with the aid of 22 volunteer drivers. These kids represent 11 different churches in my area. I’ll be driving a carload of kids to deliver meals. It’s kind of cool, in an overwhelming way.

7. I have a craving for California rolls. Mmmmm….yum!

8. I have a song stuck in my head. It’s random – “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus. Which leads me to my next thought bubble – I have to start my CD’s for 4Q06!!Marina laughed at me when I used that phrase but it was a reflex.

9. I STILL haven’t finished that fargin’ Funny Farm game. I had to walk away for a day or two. It was becoming an obsession.

10. Happy Weekend, Everyone!!!


themarina said...


4. I can't believe it's been a year already!! CONGRATULATIONS!

5. It's been hurricane weather here for the last week and some people have been lining up since Tuesday too. Morons. Like I'll stand in the freakin' rain to PAY $600 but a toy. A FREAKIN' TOY!!! The eBay thing...production was limited to 500,000 = lots of people want it but don't want to wait = people making $$$ on eBay. Sad but true.

6. That is SO cool!

8. Nearly done mine!

9. I've been a bad girl. I haven't looked at it in a few days!

10. Thank you....YOU TOO!!!


Lindy said...

*dons blue and gold, runs around yelling 'Go Michi...'* Oh, wrong team.. ;)

I'm always amazed when people bleed school colors. I'm in UT Austin land and it gets downright scary. I've had orange nightmares.

Good luck! :)

writer said...

we had ps3 mania here. when i first saw a bunch of nerdy, dirty looking people camped outside of wal mart, i thought maybe they were doing something noble like a protest against wal marts unfair business practices. it turns out they weren't.

Amy said...

We had some mania here, but not nearly as bad as other places. Personally, I don't understand. A very expensive waste of time, when a person could waste time doing much cheaper things. Like, making out. :-)P (oh, umm...yeah...)

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