October 18, 2006

So I Moved, And Other Stuff.

1. Yep. Moved. Again. Wordpress looks pretty, but I just didn't like it as much.

2. Have been buried alive under mountains of work. Placed almost 1500 (yes, one thousand five hundred) volunteers by myself in the past month. Am also writing new programming for next year (!! - how excited am I?!) and am overhauling a youth initiative. Can you say "busy?" Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? Because I totally do.

3. In my "free" time (ha, ha), we've been ripping out shrubs. Yeah. That's fun. I used a hedge trimmer for the first time in my life - I was like Edward Scissorhands out there. It was kind of fun, until the vibration from the hedge trimmer caused me to basically go numb from the elbows down.

4. I thought the first ever bloggy CD exchange went quite well. I am absolutely loving the new music I got. I promise that I'll actually get my next one out sooner! Anyone else interested? Drop me a comment or an e-mail, and I'll let Lisa know.

5. For those of you who know about my old-old, now-defunct blog, the one that chronicled my misadventures at The Place I Do Not Speak Of (which should be everyone who would have followed me here! If you don't know the story, tell me. I'll fill you in) - I had lunch with my old boss the other day, and we talked about the whole debacle for the first and last time. It kind of felt good to talk to someone about it. Aside from my hubby, I haven't spoken of the disaster with anyone else, really. It's just going to take time (and possibly therapy) to get over that one.

6. I just got my 2007 daytimer. I had to upgrade to a 1 page per week, 8.5 x 11 page size planner - that's how busy I am getting. Sadly, I've got things planned out through NEXT November. Yes, 13 months from now. Is that totally bad?

7. If you haven't seen it yet check this site out. All their makeup is a buck! A BUCK! Of course, it's a 3-5 week delivery time, but a buck?! That's just too cool.

8. Oh, and if you haven't done this yet, go do it. It's your opportunity to vote for the NEW 7 wonders of the world.

9. And on another random note, I'm sick of hearing about Madonna adopting a baby from overseas already. And reporters are asking the question "how was Madonna able to bend the rules?" Uhh...it's called m-o-n-e-y. It's not like you had to make a quantum leap to figure that one out. But seriously. When did adopted children become the new Birkin bag? I think it's kind of sad, really.

10. Okay. Guess that's it for now.


Lindy said...

I can't believe you dropped such a bomb with so little details! You talked to your old boss and... and.. AND? AND???? I so want to hear more, I mean, this is BIG, HUGE! You finally got to let it rip!!! I'm so glad.

Anyway, I'm pleased to hear that your job is zipping along. It sounds like you are doing wonderful things. Stay sane, chica. :)

sylvia said...

I could have sworn I told you what the heck went down at The Place I Do Not Speak Of. I promise in an upcoming post, I'll fill you in.

Amy said...

Wow--yeah, I want detes about the lunch w/ the old boss (I'm guessing/assuming this is the one that left & left you all to your lonesome b4 you left, right?)
I'm excited you're blogging again.
And, can you TEACH me your ways?! You're planned out for the next 13 mos? I'm uber impressed. (and a little scared)

sylvia said...

You are correct on the boss...but you pretty much know the story, right?

And as for the 13 months? Easy. I'm in charge of it all. LOL! Seriously, though, everything that's planned is stuff that I am currently at the helm of. I figured if I'm putting together group projects and asking for an extended time commitment, it was the least I could do to tell them what I expected and when I expected it.

themarina said...

1. I had to search through 4 pages of deleted gmail to find the email you sent me with your new link. Sorry I was gone so long.

2. OMG. I just went over to the $1. WOW. WOW. WOW. I'm going to restrain myself but I'm also going to spend a little bit of money....

3. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to hear you're back.

4. I have a page a day calendar. I have 2 palms at home and as tech savy as I am, I can't make them work for me. The batteries are always dying when you least expect it. At least with pen and paper, you never have to worry!

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